JR-East is the largest train company in Japan. It operates the busiest lines in Tokyo including Yamanote and Chuo line, as well as 4 Shinkansen Lines. JR-East actively inovates new technologies, such as new ATC (signaling and automatic braking system), hybrid DMU and high-speed trains. Series 209 and E231, aimed at low cost, has influenced stocks in many privete companies.

EMU Series 113

EMU 201, Chuo Line

EMU 201, Keiyo Line

EMU Series 203

EMU 205-500, Sagami Line

EMU 205, Keiyo Line

EMU 205, Musashino Line

EMU 205, Nambu Line

EMU 205, Yamanote Line

EMU 205, Yokohama Line

EMU Series 207-900

EMU 209-500, Chuo-sobu Line

EMU 209-500, Keiyo Line

EMU Series 209-1000


EMU Series 211

EMU Series 211

EMU Series 215

EMU 415, Joban Line

Chuo Rapid Line

Chuo-Sobu Line

EMU Series E217

EMU E217, Tokaido Line

EMU Series E231

EMU E231-500, Yamanote

EMU Series E231-800

EMU E231, Chuo-sobu Line

EMU E231, Joban Line

EMU Series E233-2000

EMU E233, Chuo Line

EMU E233, Keihin-Tohoku

EMU E233-3000, Tokaido Line

EMU Series E331

EMU E501, Joban Line

EMU Series E531

Joban Local Line

Keihin-Tohoku Line

Nambu/Musashino Line

Rinkai Line

Saikyo Line, EMU 205

Old Platforms in Tokyo

Tokyo Station

JR Tokyo Tunnel

Tsurumi Line

Ueno Station

Shonan Shinjuku Line

Yamanote Line

Yamanote Line (2)