Nagoya Metro/Subway

Nagoya city subway(Metro) is the third earliest subway in Japan. The first line was Higashiyama line, which starts from Sakae to Nagoya (Nagoya JNR station). While Higashiyama, Meijo and Meiko line have smaller clearance, Tsurumai, Sakuradori and Kami-iida line have almost standard clearance. Stocks in the former lines have 15m body, third-rail power collection and 1435mm gauge, stocks in the latter have 20m body, pantograph power collection and 1067mm gauge (which is compatible to most overground Japanese railways).

Kamejima Station

EMU 2000, Mejo Line

EMU 3000

EMU 3050

Series 5000

Series 5050

EMU 6000

Metro in Nagoya

EMU N1000