Daily Japanese Phrases

Japanese language is unique and hard to learn. But its pronounciation is easy if you have got the point.
Here, we show some short daily phrases. We don't intend to make a survival Japanese guide, but we're glad if it helps you to make Japanese friends.

Arigato : Thank you

"Thank you" (casual). Don't put stress on "ga" but "ri".
One way to say "You're welcome" is "Ie ie".
[Short conversation]
Kore ageru.  Present for you.
Arigato!     Thank you!
Ie ie.       You're welcome.

Genki? : How are you?

[Short conversation]
Genki?        How're you?
Un. Ii kanji. Yeah, fine (thank you)

Namae Ha? : What is your name?

[Short conversation]
Namae ha?        What's your name? (informal)
Funini desu. My name is Funini.

Saikin dou? : How's it going?

[Short conversation]
Saikin Dou?  How's it going?
Bimyo        Well... I can't say it's good
Dame jan     So bad.

Mata-ne / Jaa-ne : See you!

[Short conversation]
Jaa ne. Mata ashita. Bye! See you tomorrow
Mata ne!             See you!

Gambare : Cheer up!

[Short conversation]
Shigoto/Shukudai owaranai...  My task/homework never ends...
Ganbare!             Cheer up!
Dekita!              It's done!
Otsukare!            Good work today!
Otsukare's literal meaning is "you're tired". It shows thankful feeling for the hard work, and recommends to take a rest.

Oishi : Delicious!

[Short conversation]
Kore oishii !It's delicious!
Soudane.     I think so too.

Doushiyo : What can I do? / I'm thinking

[Short conversation]
Iku no? Ikanai no?  Are you going? Or not?
Doushiyo...         I'm thinking...

Naruhodo : I see.

[Short conversation]
Why do you know so well about Japan?
Actually I lived there
Naruhodo.    (I see)