Musical baton

とりあえず僕のとこにもきたよ、という証として。 回してくれたのはnagくんc*rくん。 回答、ちょっと手抜きですみません。

Thanks to nag and c*r, for giving me a chance to write this page.

1) Total volume of music files on my computer


About 12GB. I'm mainly listening to CD, since I have a nice CD player & walkman. Maybe the situation will change in a few years...

2) Song playing right now

Return to Forever :: Light as a Feather (disc 2) :: Matrix


I love his spanish taste, especially in this hot & humid weather. Sometimes I feel he's stuffing too many sounds or phrases.

3) The last CD I bought

See Venus :: Hard time for Dreamers

TSUTAYAで借りる方が圧倒的に多いですね。でも試聴はよくしてます。 CD一枚2000円ってのはそこまで高い気もしなくなってきましたが、 もう好きな曲はそこそこあるので、「それ以上の曲」はなかなか見つかりません…

The main source to get musics is reantal CD shop in Shibuya called TSYTAYA. There, you can try every CD in the shop. I like to visit there in weekdays.

4) Five songs (tunes) I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

5) Five people to whom I'm passing the baton


Unfortunately I cannot send trackbacks, so I'll hold the baton. Thank you for reading through.