Tokyu Railway

Tokyu (Tokyo Kyuko, 'kyuko' means 'express') is not the longest private railway, but financially it is one of the most important compamny in Japan. It has two main lines (Toyoko line and Dennentoshi Line) and some branches. Although silver stainless cars were its tradition for 40 years, nowadays it is no longer special in Japan. Interestingly, Keikyu, Hankyu and Keihan (train companies) are getting unique since they have not introuced stainless cars.

Dennentoshi Line

Toyoko and Hibiya Line

Ikegami Line

Snoway Ikegami Line

Ikegami Station

Osaki Hirokoji Station

Setagaya Line, type 300

Tamaden, Type 80

EMU 1000

EMU 2000

EMU 3000, Meguro Line

EMU 5000

EMU 6000, Oimachi Line

EMU 7000 (II)

EMU 7600

EMU 7700

EMU 7715

EMU 8090, 8590

EMU 8500, Denentoshi Line

EMU 8500, Oimachi Line

EMU 9000

Toyoko Line and MM21 Line

Tokyu Shibuya Station

EMU Y000, Kodomono-kuni