Hanshin Railway

Hanshin Railway runs from Osaka (Umeda) to Kobe (Motomachi). Although its length is shortest among Japanese major private railway companies (around 50km), they have frequent services (every 3 minutes in daytime). Hanshin is also famouse for owning a famous baseball team (Hanshin Tigers). The ground is located in Koshien.

Hanshin EMU 1000

Hanshin EMU 2000

EMU 5001, 5131 and 5331

Hanshin EMU 5311

Hanshin EMU 5500

Hanshin EMU 7861, 7961

Hanshin EMU 7890

Hanshin EMU 8000

EMU 8000 Renovated

Hanshin EMU 9000

Hanshin EMU 9300

Mikage Station

Hanshin Kokudo Tram

Sannomiya Station

Sannomiya, 2011

Sumiyoshi Station

Mukogawa Line, Hanshin

Mukogawa Station